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Grosmann S
Rainmaker I - Ilias Papadakis
Grosmann V NikosG
Grosmann Fly 7
Grossmann Sakis V
  • necktrought / neck – wenge -+american black walnut laminated
  • body – american black walnut
  • fretboard –wenge / frets 24 – Dunlop 61000
  • nut – aloy / tuners – Schaller / bridge – Hipsot (Schaller)
  • pickups – EMG 81 +EMG85
  • Jack - Neutrik / volume +tone / 1 toggle swick
  • straplocing Schaler / oil finish / custom Inlay

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Christmas raffle

Today I open a Christmas raffle. Prize will be a guitar Grosmann Fly 8. It will be on sale raffle tickets worth $ 25 USD. Those interested can buy as many tickets they want, all tickets will go into extracting that he had held on December 22-2014.
The winner will receive this guitar for Christmas
I need to know if there eager for this raffle. forward your views




Academia de Rock

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