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Grosmann TD WWH "The R.O.C.K." Toni Dijmarescu Signature
“When Cristian Grosu asked me if I wanted a signature guitar, I said YES in a heartbeat. We know and respect each other for almost ten years now, so it was an absolute no-brainer. As I received my guitar a few months later, I was extremely delighted because it was exactly the way I expected and imagined it: solid, versatile and a true beauty, even if it looks as if I played it for ages.

The really cool thing about having a custom guitar by GROSMANN is the fact that you know who crafted it. I mean, it is not “another guitar”, heartlessly built by machines; it is a unique piece of art which you will enjoy maybe your whole life”.

Toni Dijmarescu, January 2015
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Christmas raffle

Today I open a Christmas raffle. Prize will be a guitar Grosmann Fly 8. It will be on sale raffle tickets worth $ 25 USD. Those interested can buy as many tickets they want, all tickets will go into extracting that he had held on December 22-2014.
The winner will receive this guitar for Christmas
I need to know if there eager for this raffle. forward your views




Academia de Rock

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